Executive Benefits Planning

Executive Benefits Planning

Executive Benefit Plans Designed to Retain Top Talent

Your executives need to be able to finance a retirement that matches their current lifestyle. Establishing an executive benefits plan that accomplishes this can help you retain individuals that are vital to your company’s success. The business financial consulting professionals at Asset Advisors Group can help you design a retirement and executive benefits package that includes insurance, bonuses, tax deferrals, and other attractive options that help you stay competitive in your industry.

For the highly compensated people in your company who need more than a 401(k) plan to save for retirement, you need to consult a financial professional who fully understands section 409(a) of the federal tax code, covering executive benefit plans. An advisor experienced in this area can help you avoid penalties and unexpected taxes, and administer the plan in a smart and flexible way.

Why AAG for Executive Benefit Plans?

The team at Asset Advisors Group has years of experience designing and maintaining executive benefit plans. Our attention to detail and extensive experience helps us create retirement packages that minimizes risk, provide for futures, and protect business and family needs for the long term.

We can help your executives accumulate and manage their wealth in an innovative, forward-thinking way. As comprehensive plan administrators, we can offer a more sophisticated level of service than your in-house personnel may be able to provide. We provide education, detailed day-to-day administration, and a commitment to building a personal relationship with each of our clients. And we promise to deliver this high level of service in the most ethical, cost-effective manner.

Contact AAG for Executive Benefit Planning

If you’re interested in utilizing our retirement and executive benefits planning services, contact us to set up a free consultation. We’re ready to use our financial skills for the benefit of you, your business, and all of your valuable employees.