Personalized Investment Strategies

Personal Investment Strategies

We Create Custom Investment Strategies
Because One Size Doesn’t Fit All

We know you work hard for your money, so we do too. While we understand the financial world on a deep and intricate level, we also know that your investment plan needs to be based upon your personal goals and desires. That’s what sets Asset Advisors Group apart from other personal wealth management firms. AAG will help guide you to the right investment strategies that fit your personal needs.

We can educate you on risks and benefits. We can explain different funds. We can walk you through values and growth and timing. We understand asset allocation and its relation to your portfolio’s variability of return in any market condition. We throw out these phrases because we know these things, and we know how to work them to your advantage.

Our Approach to Investment Strategies

At Asset Advisors Group, our approach to investment strategies isn’t to throw book knowledge at you. Instead, we work at building relationships. We assess quantitative and qualitative issues in asset allocation. We look at key factors such as investment time horizon, liquidity and income needs, your risk tolerance, and asset constraints – but with you, as an individual, in mind. We care about your dreams, and we want to help you achieve them through sound financial planning, investing, and diversifying.

AAG’s Philosophy on Investment Strategies

Our investment philosophy is simple: we focus on the items we can control: fees, discipline, diversification, and the size and value effect (which shows that long-term results favor value stocks over growth stocks and small cap stocks over large cap stocks). We ignore the things we can’t control, such as media hype, market timing, performance chasing, and fads. By doing this, we maximize your money’s value and performance while keeping costs low.

By adhering to this philosophy, we create a smart, comprehensive investment plan for you that includes both tried-and-true traditional and exciting innovative elements. We’ll engage in ongoing re-balancing and portfolio review to make sure you’re always getting what you want out of our services. And, we’ll do it all in a way that suits your goals and your lifestyle.

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