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Randy Martinez, MS, CPA, CFP®

Randy Martinez, MS, CPA, CFP®

American tax laws can be complicated and difficult to navigate. So much so, in fact, that even filing a simple tax return for a single individual with no assets can leave you frustrated and wondering what to do next. While you can purchase software to make your income tax preparation easier to do yourself, there’s no substitute for a tax preparer who knows the rules and has experience finding deductions and credits that you may miss.

Asset Advisors Group Founder & Principal Randy Martinez, MS, CPA, CFP® is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in the state of Georgia.

Randy holds a Master’s of Accounting with a specialization in Tax from the University of New Orleans and a Bachelor’s of Accountancy from Loyola University in New Orleans.

Under Randy’s direction, Asset Advisors Group also employs tax preparation and planning professionals with experience in the intricacies of taxes and tax law.

We can identify problems the IRS may flag, figure out how to minimize your tax liability, and advise you not only on how to take advantage of deductions, but to structure your payroll to optimize your income. Our tax preparation services help save you time and money.

Experienced Income Tax Planning & Preparation Services

As part of our income tax preparation services, we prepare all types of Individual and Business Tax Returns. While preparing your return, we will also offer consultative suggestions on tax reduction and overall tax planning methods to minimize your overall tax burden. Our tax preparation and planning services are offered at affordable rates and we E-file all returns requested at no additional charge.

Because we’re a full service investment and financial planning firm with deep knowledge of investment strategy, we can look at the big picture and help you create a full tax strategy for your future. We’re accurate and dependable, and we can help you with budgeting and protecting the value of your assets, providing you with confidence and security.

We get to know you so that we can help foster a meaningful relationship that benefits your personal and business endeavors. In that way, WE invest in YOU. If you’re looking for more than a one-off tax preparation service – if you want to create a strategy that encompasses all your financial goals and helps you get to where you’d like to be in life – you can count on the professionals at AAG.

Contact AAG for Income Tax Planning & Preparation

Whether you need income tax preparation services for individuals, small businesses, partnerships, corporations, estates, gifts, non-profit organizations, or other specialized services, we are trained to make the most of gray areas. We know how to utilize the rulings of the IRS and past experience to get the best, most ethical result for you.

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